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Member Clinic Pilot Program

Would you like to increase the effectiveness of your hearing test appointments?  We are now recruiting a limited number of clinics (1-10 clinics/territory) to participate in the Hearing Test Prep™ “Member Clinic Pilot Program”.   

As a participant, you will:  

* Receive a no-cost 20-year license to include the Hearing Test Prep™ “Member Clinic” logo in any of your

   newspaper ads and direct mail pieces, and
* Measure and disclose, at your own discretion, the improvements in your monthly performance rates,

   ratios, and goodwill. 

Next Steps

Member Clinic Logo - Large-John.png

1. Watch Increasing the Effectiveness of Your Hearing Test Appointments with Pre-Test Education.          
Click here to schedule a personal 30-minute Zoom meeting with Jeff Szmanda to discuss the

    "Member Clinic Pilot Program". 

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