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Jeffrey Szmanda

Founder and President, Each Ear, LLC, HIS
Administrator, Hearing Test Prep™ 

Jeff is president and founder of Each Ear, LLC, and inventor of the internationally-patented and award-winning Gruv Button Technology.  Prior to founding Each Ear, LLC, he amassed more than 30 years of experience in venture development and entrepreneurial management.  Jeff is a winner of the first place award in the State of Wisconsin’s Governor’s New Product Award Competition and a prestigious technical design award from Johns Hopkins University.  Gruv Button Technology™ has been awarded the 2022 Today's Caregiver Friendly Award


While practicing as a Hearing Care Professional, fitting hearing aids for

12 years, he developed Educational Discussion Events, a community outreach program covering 6 relatable hearing loss topics.  For his dedication to hearing aid users, in 2021, he received the Acta Non Verba Award, Presented for Excellence from Elite Hearing Centers of America.

Jeff helped create Basic Hearing Aid Training for Caregivers to help family and facility caregivers understand hearing aid utilization and care.


Recently, Jeff launched Hearing Test Prep to help potential hearing aid users prepare for their first hearing test and perceive a "Feeling of Partnership" with their Hearing Care Professional.


Contact Jeff directly:

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