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Is it easier for people, with a hearing loss, to ignore you?


YES.  Here’s why:


  • Because it is so much MORE DIFFICULT to understand speech.  Sometimes it's difficult to be certain that another person is speaking to them.

  • Because it requires SO MUCH MORE EFFORT to understand what is being said.

  • Because it gets TIRING asking you to repeat yourself.  (It’s tiring on your part, too!)


They may suppose:


  • Well, I’m NOT SURE if they said something.

  • Well, MAYBE they weren’t talking to me.

  • Well, MAYBE it’s not important.


It just takes TOO MUCH EFFORT to communicate with others.


Why is it difficult for people with normal hearing to understand what it’s like to have a hearing loss?


Because it's likely they've NEVER EXPERIENCED a hearing loss.  They understand what is normal for them; clear speech, normal understanding of speech and normal hearing of sounds.


Why is it difficult for people with a hearing loss to understand what it’s like to have normal hearing?


Because it’s likely that their hearing has diminished slowly and gradually.  They didn't notice the change.  Even though they are not hearing speech clearly or hearing certain sounds, it SEEMS normal to them.


Help each other communicate by improving family hearing and understanding!


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