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5a. Examples of User and Family Video Experiences

5b. Instructions for Sending Your Video Experiences


The Hearing Clinic UK




The Hearing Clinic UK




Ottawa and Delphos Hearing Aid Center


Hearing Tracker:

Mythbuster Adam Savage 

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Hearing Care Professionals and Hearing Aid Users


Please send short (15-60 seconds) videos.  Video Experiences should convey messages focused on why and how hearing healthcare was the smart move for them. 


We will credit your clinic(s).  Please include your Release Agreement – or use our sample template.


Send your Video Experiences to via


Suggestions include:

  • “I’m so glad I invested in hearing aids; here’s why…

  • “Improved my life; here’s why…”

  • “Improved my family’s life; here’s why…”

  • “We thank (family member) for getting HAs; here’s why….”

  • “Improved hearing is attractive; here’s why…”

  • “It’s the right thing to do; here’s why…”

  • “It’s the smart move for me; here’s why…”

  • “We are grateful to our Hearing Care Professional for signing the Gruv Button Technology™ petition; here’s why…”

  • “We are grateful to (the practitioner, staff, and clinic); here’s why…”

  • “I’m so glad I invested in a cochlear implant; here’s why…

  • “I need my Hearing Care Professional to properly fit, program and care for my hearing aids; here's why…”

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