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Logo 3 Concept_a8-transparent.gif your relationship with the Hearing Care Practitioner and Patient Care Coordinator.
4a. Perhaps the Most Important Aspect...

4b. Best Way; A Word-of-Mouth Referral 

4c. Look for Google Rating and Reviews, Like These

4d. Do They Have a Well-Organized and Helpful Website?

4e. Do They Have a Sense of Humor, Like This?

4f. Did The Clinic Refer You To Hearing Test Prep™?


Jeffrey Szmanda

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Imperial Hearing


Oro Valley Audiology

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At Home Hearing Healthcare

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Hearing Test Prep™

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Elite Hearing Centers of America

Your Hearing Care Professional wants to provide individualized care and focus on your needs and goals.  And you can help!


1) Print this:

Hearing Test Prep™ Notes Page - Guide 4


2) As you review the videos and articles, take notes on anything you find interesting.


 3) Bring your notes to your appointment so you can discuss them.

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