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3a. Are My Ear Canals Clear?    

3b. How Do My Ear Canals Angle and Bend?

3c. Do You Know About Hearing Test Prep™?

3d. Do You Know About Oliver von Borstel's Ethical Selling Program?

3e. Watch for a Real Commitment to Hearing Healthcare.


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Oliver von Borstel


Independent Audiologists

South Africa 

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Your Hearing Care Professional wants to provide individualized care and focus on your needs and goals.  And you can help!


1) Print this:

Hearing Test Prep™ Notes Page - Guide 3


2) As you review the videos and articles, take notes on anything you find interesting.


 3) Bring your notes to your appointment so you can discuss them.

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Fauquier ENT - Christopher Chang


Each Ear Canal Identification Guide™

Print and bring to your appointment.

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Hearing Test Prep™

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